More than 1, 000 People Attend Free Health Clinic

More than 1,000 people came for a check-up in a one day free health clinic on Wednesday, in the nation’s capital. People came to the clinic to get the basic care, which they cannot pay for or else are denied because of no insurance, as increased unemployment and a slump in the economy is prevalent.

Medical Director of the event, Dr. Bobby Kapur said that more than three-quarters of those attendants had no insurance because of recent job loss or are working in small businesses, where they earn hourly wages or work with multiple part-time jobs. Thus, insurance is not offered at their workplaces.

According to the data of the National Association of Free Clinics, nearly 83% of the patients, who go for check-ups in free clinics, have jobs but they are not provided with the health insurance.

"They told me I had to be blind or have children to get Medicaid or anything", said Joyce Albury, 54, Upper Marlboro, MD.

Albury has recently lost her full-time job and became a professor at a local community college, where no insurance was offered to her. Further, Albury has had no insurance for nine years and had undergone EKG and cholesterol tests for the first time at the clinic on Wednesday.

To treat the patients like Albury, a team of nearly 1,000 volunteer doctors, everyday folks and nurses were working at the clinic and they tried their best to ease the anxiety of the patients.