Religion Draws Hitchens Brothers Apart

Can religion emerge as a cause of rift between two brothers?

In May, Peter Hitchens released the American version of The Rage Against God, a pro-Christian tract write up, in a bid to revolt against his brother’s book, the popular atheist manifesto God Is Not Great released in 2007.

But, the recent news of Christopher’s illness seems to hit his brother hard. Christopher has recently announced to initiate with a treatment for his esophageal cancer.

Christopher, well known as a combative writer, was once a Trotskyite, however, has now risen to support the Iraq war. Besides, all his books on journalism and television have all been very conservative.

The Son of an honored Royal Navy officer, Christopher has drifted towards political rights, on the similar tracks of his brother. However, they still have contradicting views on religion, clearly depicted in Peter’s Rage Against God.

It has been revealed that Peter decided to write the book as a harsh reply to his brother’s views. He was hit by the idea of writing the book, following a public debate with his brother over theism, in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 2008.

The similar difference of opinion between the two brothers’s on atheists is very well depicted in Peter’s book.