Microsoft Sticks to its Policies; Releases No Emergency Patch for XP SP2

On Monday, Microsoft had given an emergency patch against the vulnerability of Windows shortcut link (.LNK), aka Windows Shell. It was anticipated that the Company might also release the same fix for the users of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) also. But, Microsoft Spokesman Christopher Budd clearly announced soon that there’ll be no security update for XP SP2.

With this, the Company just stuck to its guns and did not shift from its own policies of not providing security updates to its old versions, including the much older Windows 2000. All other versions have been given these updates in order to be protected from the hackers across.

Andrew Storms, Director of Security Operations at nCircle Security, said, “The only question I had was whether Microsoft would try and release a patch for unsupported operating systems. There's a ton of people still running SP2, and it just went end-of-life”.

Since XP SP2 and Windows 2000 have come out from the Company’s final five-year ‘extended support’ phase, therefore, from 13 July, Microsoft has denied any further support for them. For all other versions, it has been recommended to update the computers with the security, without any delay, in order to be protected from the criminal attacks.