Tram Extension Plan at Greater Manchester Gets the Nod

The authorities have given the nod for the expansion of the tram network in Greater Manchester. It has been agreed upon by ten local authorities. An amount of £0.5bn will be provided to this project from the Greater Manchester Transport Fund.

The Manchester Airport has also revealed to provide funds to the tram project.

On Friday, the project was given the green flag at the meeting of the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA).

The projects would establish three more extensions in the country. This would uplift the economy of Greater Manchester.

As per the plan, fourteen trams will be added to the existing system. Trams will be running from Oldham and Rochdale by 2014 and the runway to Manchester Airport will get ready by 2016.

"Public transport has a crucial part to play in supporting Greater Manchester's economy and these Metrolink extensions will give a huge boost to the region”, said Lord Peter Smith, Chair of the AGMA.

The move is an historic announcement and it’s highly beneficial for Greater Manchester to have a transport of 21st century, as stated by Councillor Keith Whitmore, Vice Chair of Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority
(GMITA). He further added that it is the joint effort of both GMITA and AGMA.