Nokia adds TripAdvisor to Ovi Maps

Nokia has announced the addition of one of the world’s most popular travel sites, TripAdvisor, to its online mapping service, Ovi Maps.

The new service will allow users to make search for local attractions, hotels and restaurants. Users will also get reviews from TripAdvisor’s fifteen million users. In addition, the service will bring the latest information on flights.

The app will be made available in as many as twelve languages throughout the world within a month.

Rupert Englander, head of services at Nokia UK, said, “We want to make booking flights, accommodation and sharing your travel experiences as familiar as using your mobile for navigation.”

Nokia’s Ovi Maps navigation platform already has a formidable lineup including Michelin, Time Out, Lonely Planet and Qype as added-value partners. The Ovi Maps navigation platform offers turn-by-turn voice guidance for seventy-four nations in forty-six languages. It also offers detailed maps for around 180 nations.

The TripAdvisor mobile website is compatible with all major smartphones. It also has free apps available for the iPhone, Android and Palm Pre users.