Drinking levels soaring in British adults

According to a research the typical British adult knocks back more than 84 times their body weight in alcoholic drinks during their lifetime.

The study found that the average adult will consume more than 6,700 litres of alcoholic beverages during the course of his life.

The study as done simultaneously with the launch of an online 'Alculator' letting the Britons know about the amount that they drink.

The online facility was launched by television star Carol Vorderman at a bar in Birmingham and was devised by the Lyoydspharmacy chain as part of its Neighborhood Health Watch Programs.

Nick Mortimer, superintendent pharmacist at Lloydspharmacy, said: "Our new tool confronts the extent of alcohol consumption among British adults. A worrying number of people drink much more than the recommended limits and over the course of their lifetime this can have devastating effects on physical and mental health."

Llyodspharmacy estimates that on an average, a British adult is consuming an extra 1,000 calories each week from alcohol alone, meaning a sedentary person also could put on an extra pound every three-and-a-half weeks.