Ingredients in Supplements Posing Danger to Lives

While Andrew Shao, PhD, a Spokesman for the Council for Responsible Nutrition calls the report a bit sensationalized, the ingredients of these supplements, he said, had been flagged by the FDA years ago.

A new report, collected by Consumer Reports has established that some of the constituents of dietary supplements are associated with heart problems, kidney and liver damage, coma, cancer and death.

Commonly known as the `dirty dozen', these ingredients, Nancy Metcalf, Senior Program Editor at Consumer Reports said, were 12 of the 25 detected dangerous ingredients that they had decided to highlight.

These researchers from the Consumer Reports are said to have united experts from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database and then studied research studies or case reports.

The ingredients were bitter orange, aconite, colloidal silver, chaparral, comfrey, coltsfoot, greater celandine, country mallow, germanium, lobelia, kava and yohimbe.

Keeping in mind that almost half of the adult population was into supplements, the updated information was published. The supplement sales are said to have risen by 6% in the past five years.

Though manufacturing errors may be one of the reasons, but these ingredients individually too are said to cause danger to life.

"Supplements are marketed with very seductive and sometimes overblown sales pitch for increasing your performance in the bedroom, slimming down or boosting your athletic prowess", said Nancy.