Sky unveils cheapest 3D TV Channels

3D Television sets seemingly is getting and popular at the same time are offered at a cheap price offering and this comes from UK's own Sky channel.

Sky will be launching the new 3D channel service in October and will be aimed for the 3D users. As of now the Samsung LE40C750 model is priced at £846 and comes with a free HDMI cable, free delivery and a free pair of 3D glasses aimed at £60.

Sky has taken the pioneer step in releasing a dedicated 3D channel that offers good quality programming needs which is different from the likes other HD channels.

Users who have a HD pack can now upgrade this content for free and the subscribers who already sport a 3D ready television set can preview 3D programmes that are aired directly from Sky this Autumn, which obviously needs an activation of 3D on their Sky HD set top box.

The Samsung 3D TV boasts of few interesting features such as Freeview HD, full HD on a 40-inch size screen, wireless connectivity, eight input ports in all (HDMI, SCART, D-Sub and Composite), PVR capabilities (with aid of USB Slots), CI Slot and also easy streaming content live from services such as iPlayer, Youtube or Lovefilm.

Meanwhile in addition to the above a 2D-to-3D conversion technology is also added which is Pseudo-3D functionality that can be associated with any 2D content that works just fine with SD content and games.