Coronal Mass Ejection on Sun, Effects Can Be Seen in New England

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics reported that there was a sudden explosion evolving about plasma on the surface of the Sun on Sunday morning. The eruption will cast its effect on the Earth also, by emitting abundance of light, the waves of which can be seen across the clouds of New England tonight and tomorrow if the weather conditions remain apt.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the outbreak on the sun.

The formation is called a coronal mass ejection that exhibits red and green ripples of light known as aurorae, flashing in the sky, which is generally seen in Canada and other northern latitudes, as told by Dr. Leon Golub, Senior Astrophysicist at the center. He further added that the plasma, which comprises mass and energy, weighs about a billion tons and is moving at a speed of 1 million miles per hour.

He said, “The eruption happens when the magnetic field holding it together becomes unstable. But what really triggers aurorae is when the magnetic field from the [coronal mass ejection] interacts with Earth’s magnetic field”.

The plasma if hits the earth could cause a geomagnetic storm, evolving charged solar particles to the earth’s atmosphere, which when combines with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the sky become luminous.

But there is nothing to worry from this eruption.