Amazon Kindle New Models Sold Out

Amazon. com, the American electronic online retailer Company, is facing a huge setback in its market shares with the two newly-released Amazon Kindle models being labeled as “temporarily sold out” devices.

The two models of Amazon Kindle, the third generation of Amazon. com e-readers, were released last week on the 27th of July, both with the feature of downloading books through wireless Internet connections. One of the models, which values $189, operates on 3G cellular networks as well as the Wi-Fi while the other model, costing $139, only uses Wi-Fi to ensure such a wireless connection.

Nevertheless, the Company’s retail rate is not certain as Amazon. com is not really transparent when it comes to financial figures.

Spokesmen of the electronic giant confirmed on Monday that by September, a shipment of the brand new models will arrive at the markets, ensuring the customers that they can still make their orders through the Company’s website, adding that the customers’ orders would be delivered on time, which is before the 4th of September.

Amazon. com launched these new e-readers in an attempt to dominate the market or at least to compete for a better place in the electronic market, against Apple, and other e-reader manufacturing companies. However, Apple remained the biggest rival for Kindle, especially after the release of Apple’s iPad, with e-reader software application.