Dr. Theodore Soutzos Accused of Having Sex in the Name of Treatment

Dr. Theodore Soutzos has been accused by General Medical Council of having sex with teenage girls in the name of treatment.

The doctor charges around £450 UK Pounds -- $715 US Dollars -- per hour for consultation and despite that an additional benefit of having sex with innocent girls.

He was also alleged to have illegal relationships with two other patients between 1999 and 2006.

The three victims of the sexual assault will be talked to by Harley Street clinic’s consultant at London galleries.

In the first case, the 37-year-old patient was suffering from stressful conditions and wanted to commit suicide; the doctor admitted her to the hospital for three months and abused her with intercourse before her discharge.

Another beautiful female patient ageing around 18 told that though she never had sex with the doctor, she was being abused sexually by him through dirty text messages, taking her out to art galleries, and involving her into kissing and the case happened between 2003 and 2005.

A third case that erupted between 2004 and 2008 was that of a 23-year-old girl whom the doctor abused physically for six months by alluring her during swimming sessions and did vulgar sex with her.

Sarah Plaschkes, the spokesperson for the GMC, said, “He was abusing his position of trust to pursue and establish an improper emotional and sexual relationship with three of his vulnerable patients”.

Soutzos is proceeding with his hearings with the GMC and the allegations of having sex with the first two cases were declined by him, but he confessed to having physical relations with 23-year-old patient.