FDA Launches a Warning Against Fake Drug MMS

After detecting a series of life threatening side effects of the drug, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a public alert, warning people that Miracle Mineral Solution is not just a swindle, but it is also an almost-lethal swindle.

Miracle Mineral Solution, a drug marketed on the Internet, is a liquid used as a treatment for cancer, HIV/AIDS, herpes, mad-cow, hepatitis, tuberculosis, even common cold and acne, in addition to a wide variety of other diseases. The claimed efficacy of the product results from the simpler ingredients and the less use of science, which, according to the promoting websites, enhances the drugs `organicity'.

However, FDA detected that this MMS causes life threatening side effects, including dehydration and low blood pressure. It also causes nausea and vomiting with ranging degrees. The FDA found out that these side-effects result from the products turning from a citrus juice mixed with some water, into potent bleach, used for industrial products.

The FDA announced the warning after a series of complaints from customers who were subjected to this product. After examinations, the complaints proved true. The next step, U. S. regulators stated, would be tracing the Internet sites and the online auctions that publicise such products or, by any means, facilitate its purchase in order to ensure the public safety. This move would be followed by civil law suits being charged against the product's manufacturers, as well as the promoters.