Adult Stem Cell Studies on a High

Dr. Thomas Einhorn, Chairman of orthopedic surgery at Boston University Medical Center, has finally fetched success in operating a man with a broken ankle, whose ankle showed no healing even after multiple surgeries.

The surprise part is that the doctor sought help from the patient's body itself. He reported to take the bone marrow from the patient's pelvic bone and condensed it so as to make it rich. Nearly four teaspoons of rich red liquid was injected into his ankle.

The patients reported a fully recovered ankle within a four months period.

Einhorn has revealed that he initiated with the study as a trial based on a published research from France.

Besides, adult stem cells being researched for people surviving with multiple sclerosis, heart attacks and diabetes, it has been proved that adult stem cell transplants have emerged as a standard lifesaving treatment for many surviving from leukemia, lymphoma and other blood diseases.

"That's really one of the great success stories of stem cell biology that gives us all hope", Dr. David Scadden of Harvard was quoted saying. He further claims that stem cells are also being used for growing skin grafts.

The stem cell research is witnessed to have overcome the use of embryonic stem cells.