UK workers attracted to part-time jobs in the period of recession

According to the report of Charted Institute of Personal and Development (CIPD), the economy of UK has lost around 1 million full time jobs since the start of economic crisis.

An audit for working practices by the CIPD found that the reduced number of full time jobs caused a drop of about 10% in the number of workers working more than 45 hours per week.

The main sufferers of this issue were male workers compared to the female workers as they found reduced working hours.

According to the CIPD the recession has resulted increased part-time jobs as well as a drop in total employment.

The total employment has fallen down by 580,000 and the number of part-time jobs has risen by 330,000 in the time span of two years till the spring of 2010.

A raise in the full time jobs was seen in the last year but that was not enough to make up the previous loss. Now the workers are working in between 16 to 30 hours per week who were working 45 hours per week before the economic crisis.