Ambulance Collides with a Semi-trailer, Causes Traffic Delay

A collision has been reported between a semi-trailer and an ambulance in Brisbane’s south, which led to traffic delays for the outbound motorists.

The accident occurred at about 12.30 p. m. on Wynnum Road. According to the sources, the patient in the ambulance was given an emergency treatment at the scene before reaching the hospital in another ambulance.

‘‘Motorists should expect short delays or seek an alternate route’’, said Spokeswoman of Brisbane Traffic Management Centre.

The ambulance, which met with an accident, was carrying a patient with chest pain and after the collision; it was unable to continue with the journey. Thus, the second ambulance arrived at the site at 12.36 p. m.

No injuries were reported to the patient in the ambulance. The patient was safely transferred to another ambulance and taken to Women’s Hospital in Royal Brisbane.

The patient in the ambulance had been attended by a paramedic, who received minor cuts on the head due to the crash and was taken to the hospital, as well.

A Spokesperson from the department of the Community Safety has said that the police have been carrying out the investigation about the circumstances that led to the crash.

The truck driver was provided immediate medical attention and also taken to a hospital, as a precautionary measure.