Smoking Ban in Hobart Comes into Effect

The city’s council informed that a controversial ban on smoking on outdoor malls in Hobart has all the needed support from the populace, which means that it has been taken positively.

In the month of May, Hobart City Council passed a smoking ban on three outdoor malls situated in central Hobart that went into effect on Sunday.

By next year’s August, smoking in Hobart’s alfresco dinning regions will become illegitimate.

When the ban had been introduced, it created a spat of disagreement and discussion, with sellers showing their worries, since this would have a negative effect upon their business.

Lord Rob Valentine, the Mayor in Hobart said that the conversion to have a smoke-free environment went on smoothly up to now.

While informing ABC Radio, he said that the people had shown support towards the ban, but the power was not intending to pounce on those who smoke.

Along with that, he said that the council expected that it would not have to enforce the ban with fines.

The council did not want to take very strict measures until someone tried to break those laws, but it was expected that people would continue showing support towards the ban.

He said that non-smokers will try to show the no-smoking signs to those, who might not be able to abide by the rules.

But, if it becomes really necessary to enforce the law, there is a fine of $200 to be borne by the defaulters.