Scientists Discover How To Control Blood Vessel Growth

Scientists have discovered the way to control the growth of blood vessels and hope this can significantly help in the treatment of cancer and heart diseases. Medical experts feel that this discovery can help in saving the lives of many patients.

Researchers have claimed to find a switch molecule that can be used to slow down or speed up the development of blood vessels. The research was conducted by the experts from the University of California in San Diego. They are optimistic that the tests on mice will also be used for the treatment of human beings.

The tumors, which are cancerous in nature, are responsible for the growth of new blood vessels that also fuel the growth of these cells. But by cutting off this supply, these cells will be shrinking in size and die eventually.

However, the medical experts have stressed that extra blood vessels would be required by the patients, who have already suffered a stroke, heart attack or diabetes.

On the other hand, medical experts feel that it will still take a lot of research to implement these changes. Bu, they admit that if these changes are implemented, they can help a lot of patients and a lot of lives may be saved across the world.