Working Mothers Do Not Hinder Their Child’s Development: Study

A new study would relieve the concern of working mothers, who worry for the care of their children.

Some earlier studies carried out by the Institute for Social and Economic Research and UNICEF, were in contrast to the recent study, which associated the development of children and working mothers negatively.

The study was conducted by researchers of Columbia University in the US, in which the impact of working mothers on the upbringing of their children was examined minutely, taking into consideration all the consequences.

The research included 1,000 children of age seven and below, from 10 different parts of the US. It recorded the factors like child development, family characteristics, family relationships, children’s vocabulary, reading ability and academic test scores.

The parents of the children and their teachers were made to rate the child’s behaviour.

The study brought out that the working mother added to the household income, which was helpful in providing services like higher-quality childcare to children in order to uplift their children’s development. Also, they maintained sound relationships within the family.

The children, whose mothers worked for 30 hours a week, exhibited the best results in terms of their development, behavioral aspects and health and those, whose mothers spared less time for them were affected by some sickness, however, that was compensated by some other positive effects.

Siobhan Freegard, Co-founder of the parenting website Netmums, applauded the findings of the study.

She said, “Every working mother would embrace the results, adding that many women feel that they are doing their best”.