Spirit Airlines to Charge Fee on Carry-on Bags

Those who travel through Spirit Airlines will now have to pay an additional cost for placing their carry-on bags in the overhead luggage bin. The new change was introduced by the airlines on Sunday, though it was announced earlier in April.

For those who make advance payment for their carry-on bags will have to pay $30, while those who do not reveal this information in advance will be paying $45.

There is no cost for keeping the luggage under the passenger seat and for the members of “Fare Club”, placing of one bag bears no cost. So, if the luggage is not fitting under the seat, one will have to pay charges for keeping it in overhead place.

After the announcement of the said change, Senator Schumer suggested Secretary Geithner to introduce a new rule that would determine luggage a necessity and thus, should be kept cost-free.

Subcommittee on Aviation Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure conducted a meeting with Spirits Airlines’ CEO Ben Baldanza on their cost to carry luggage scheme. He told that people bring luggage on vacation, which is unnecessary and by charging it, they want to provide inexpensive flying to the poor.

Responding on behalf of the air travelers, Kate Hanni, Executive Director for FlyersRights demanded actions by legislation to forbid airlines from charging fee for carry-on bags that conform to airline's norms.