Mars Rover Spirit Not Responding, However, Scientists Hopeful

NASA's troubled Mars rover Spirit, which has been resorted to silence on the surface of Mars since March, is reported to be to facing a lot difficulties because of the harsh Martian winter.

However, it has been cited that the rover may lose and may never be able to send any information or a message on earth, but some scientists have still not given away with their optimism. They hope to get a beep from its radio system soon as a signal of its survival.

It’s been more than a year, since Martian sand had entangled the Spirit. In January, NASA reportedly dropped all its attempts of disengaging the rover that has been adorning Mars’ land since a long time.

There had been no message received from Spirit since March 22, and the worst winter period is on the verge of subsiding, claimed the Mission Control experts at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

However, scientists have revealed to have sent instruction to the Spirit's computer, asking its radio to show a response with just one beep, in order to discern its status.

The spacecrafts made a successful landing on the Mars’ surface in January 2004. The three-month mission is aimed to search for all sorts of chemical evidence that the planet is speculated to have.