Astronauts Fail to Fix Coolants in NASA

Having made all the efforts to restart the broken coolant system, NASA has now started planning for the fixing up of the mission.

A power surge on Saturday night is being held responsible for the failure of the repair of the coolant system.

Fearing the circumstances would further deteriorate, the astronauts have reportedly shut down all the equipments that are not required at present. These terminated programs and shut down equipments include some experiments that had been shifted to some other hold. All this has been done to ensure that the working coolant systems are not overburdened.

These cooling loops keep the station from getting overheated and therefore, the loss of the second cooling loop is being apprehended.

NASA Spokesman, Rob Navias asserted that they were all sure that the failure had taken place due to the breakdown of the pump module.

"There was a spike in current a few minutes before 8 p. m. Eastern Saturday that tripped the circuit breaker and took the pump module down”, he added.

Astronauts Doug Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell Dyson are busy trying to fix the broken pump in the $100 billion station that has two spares onboard.

A second spacewalk will then be required to join the fluid lines and wires. This will only be possible after 2 to 3 days, the astronauts said.