Mobile technology's bang on local news reporting

Mobile technology has now given a whole new shape to local news coverage. Presently, with so much amateur video footage, the news is becoming way more accurate and personal.

Nowadays, majority cell phones have video recording capabilities thus enabling anyone to capture 'live' breaking news events. Any news company loves a live footage as it captures the key moments better than any verbal account of events ever could.

The invention of video recording capabilities in cell phones provides another avenue for local news providers to gain footage of a news story. It is not just the video footage but also the possibility of taking photos and talking to an eyewitness at the scene just moments after a news story has broken via a cell phone gives them a head start on breaking a big news story either locally or nationally and show actual images from the scene before getting a reporter there themselves.

Another great innovation by Sky News is that of including “Report” option in smart phones whereby anyone can directly send those images along with a phone number in case they need to call you for an interview.