RIM to Come Up with "Blackpad"- A Tablet Device

A Bloomberg report has presented that RIM is planning to release its new touchscreen device in the fall of this year. The new device known as Blackpad, and is expected to look like the Apple iPad.

Earlier, the Wall Street journal had also raised such speculation about the Company, which will aim to save the decreasing market share in the mobile sales. The new device is expected to include all the features, which are not in the Apple iPad and also, it will have an e-mail advantage, which is the usual feature of any BlackBerry device.

The device will add two cameras in front and at the rear, both in order to allow video conferencing. It can also be connected with the BlackBerry phone through Bluetooth.

However, experts are of the say that at present, the market is full of tablet devices from Apple and the upcoming Windows 7 products, thus, it may prove to be a tough deal for RIM.

"RIM really has yet to demonstrate that it can roll out touch screen technology to match the leaders in the space, most noticeably Apple”, said William Power from Robert W Baird & Co.

BlackBerry Bold 9800 is expected to be launched soon, and it is sure that RIM won’t delay the launch of its new device.

The device is expected to be priced at $499.