YouTube Increases Length of User Made Videos to 15 Minutes

In a recent development, the users can now post videos for the duration of 15 minutes on YouTube. The earlier limit on the site was 10 minutes.

The upload limit was introduced by the site in the wake of warding off the pirated movies and TV shows.

The move has been possible due to the Content ID system. This is a YouTube technology, which major movie studios, music labels and 1,000 other content owners use to manage their videos and block unauthorized versions.

A YouTube Product Manager, Joshua Siegel, revealed on the Company’s blog that they have increased the duration , as increasing number of customers were demanding it.

The decision would prove to be beneficial for home made comedies and videogame walkthroughs.

On being asked why the limit has not been increased to 20 minutes, Mr. Siegel said that such changes could be expected in future.

But, the increase may not take place because the content associates of YouTube would not want the homemade videos to be of the same length as the commercial television shows, which are also available free of cost.

However, some people feel that the move would result in loss of editorial discipline among the users.