Apple’s Three Filings Seek to Patent Mobile-Application "Systems and Methods"

The three filings of Apple are wishing to patent mobile-application "systems and methods" for travel and online shopping, which indicates a browserless future that is being sought by Apple for its iOS devices. This trio of Apple filings point to an application ecosystem, which include software patents that are sweepingly broad.

Though, these filings were filed last year, but they got published on Thursday, which include catch-all conglomerations of travel and shopping possibilities.

The patent applications relate to a method of using a smartphone or other portable electronic device, to be able to access travel services, hotel services and for providing enhanced access to high fashion.

An iOS device owner will be led to almost all the phases of the "high-fashion" shopping experience. These phases also include pre-shopping inducements, post-shopping interaction like ability to "rate and review stores, fashion providers, fashion items, or any combination of the above”.

Apple will be delivering content and do advertising through its App Store in the free wilds of web, which is at present the playground of porn and Google.

Apple likes adding location alertness to all service-based patent applications. Knowing that, the filing makes only cursory mention of location-based services like giving suggestions pertaining to close at hand stores.