Microsoft to Soon Launch Windows Powered Tablet

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a new tablet computer and it may soon be launched by one of its hardware partners. It claims that it will not take a lot of time to launch the new tablet.

Experts feel that Microsoft is behind Apple and Google. Apple’s iPad has already proved to be a big success and is selling like hotcakes in the market. Android powered tablets are also expected to be launched by the end of the year.

Many feel that it may not be easy for Microsoft to make a mark in the market and earlier attempts by Microsoft have also failed to yield any positive results.

Microsoft is also planning to use Windows 7 for these tablets. But doubts are being raised if it can work seamlessly on tablet computers. Windows 7 is originally designed to work on PCs and laptops. The Company may find it difficult to tweak Windows 7 to run on these tablet computers.

Windows software is designed for mouse and cursor and it may not work on tablets that generally have a small screen. It will not also work easily with applications like MS Office and Excel. People who are used to working on a keyboard may not easily shift to these devices.

Experts feel that it will be better if Microsoft uses Windows Phone 7 for these tablets. Apple and Google have also followed the same approach.