T-Mobile UK starts selling the iPhone 4

T-Mobile has finally joined the list of iPhone 4 sellers in the UK, leaving only Virgin still to announce the much-hyped smartphone.

Network provider T-Mobile is offering the 16GB iPhone 4 for as low as £25 per month and £279 up front on a two-year contract. This deal offers 100 minutes, 100 texts and 500MB of data.

The 16GB iPhone 4 can also be had for free on £60 per month, two-year contract.

For the 32GB iPhone 4, one will have to pay £329 on the £25 per month plan, while the cheapest plan for the 32GB iPhone 4 is £49 on the £60 per month contract. Pay-as-you prices are yet to be announced.

T-Mobile has slashed its data bandwidth allowances. Most of its plans allow users to download just 500MB of data per month. After 500MB od data users will get hit by more charges.

The mobile phone operator hasn’t make it clear if customers will receive the 10p rubber band fix for the iPhone 4 along with the deal or not. The only version of the iPhone 4 available at T-Mobile is black.

O2, three, Orange and Vodafone are already offering the iPhone 4. O2 has claimed that it has already sold three million iPhones in the UK.