Andy Griffith to Promote Health Care Bill

In order to convince the people with the medical overhaul in the nation, the proponents of the recently unveiled health reform have planned to roll out an ad campaign on television today.

The advertisement will mark the 45th birthday of the Medicare system, promoting the healthcare bill. The proponents of the bill are of the view that the bill is of greatest benefit to the elderly population in the nation.

The bill will be enforced in September. The ad campaign will see an investment worth $700,000, casting Andy Griffith. He will be seen convincing the viewers citing the benefits of the bill.

“With the new health care law, more good things are coming. I think you're going to like it. A lot of good things came out that year", said Andy.

The new campaign will see a number of free health checkups, reduced costs and the enhanced protection against fraudulent practices.

The bill has been identified as the first to have been introduced in the country with large changes in the sector, since 1965.

The highlights of the legislation include widening of the Medicaid sector and formation of new state level healthcare system.