P2P File Sharing Giant Mininova Forced to Remove Copyrighted Content

Mininova, the giant P2P file sharing website, has, after complying with a recent ruling by a Dutch court, has removed most of its links pointing to copyrighted material, although the torrent site has shared that it is considering an appeal against the ruling.

Based in Netherlands, Minivoa has recently seen rapid success to become one of the internet's most preferred and largest torrent websites, alongside other giants such as The Pirate Bay, and despite repeated threats and fines, the site is still growing and its presence is still strong. But the P2P site had no choice but to comply with the court's ruling which came three months ago and instructed Mininova to remove its entire links pointing to illegal content.

The removal of all copyrighted material will, however, leave Mininova with next to nothing at all, as it would mean that the site would have to pull down several popular categories including TV rips of popular American shows like Heroes, Stargate, Fringe and Universe, and latest music releases from artists like JayZ, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston.

In light of all this, Mininova of now looking to appeal against the order, something which will be supported strongly by the fact that there are many other torrent sites out there which are not complying with any rules and distributing copyrighted material all the time.