Internet Helps People Shed Weight

Even though many people feel that surfing the Internet turns us into couch potatoes, a recent research has suggest otherwise. It has pointed that Internet can help people shed the weight they have gained.

The research was conducted for almost two and a half years and it found that people who regularly logged on to a weight-loss website were more likely to keep their weight off. This website was specially developed by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research (KPCHR) to help people who were trying to lose weight.

The interactive nature of the website along with a mix of accountability and sociability ensured that the website helped people. People were told to log in once every week and note down their weight and exercise. If they failed to log every week, they got a reminder by an e-mail and also an automated call. People were also able to chat with other participants and share their experiences with each other.

The site was designed in a manner that could make people feel that they are taking part in a weight loss program. People were made to feel part of the group and it also involved a lot of interaction.

The medical study started 1,600 overweight or obese participants and 350 of them lost an average of 19 lb in the first six months to be eligible for the next phase of the trial. People who had logged on regularly were able to keep off the maximum weight.