Sleep Disorder May Lead to Parkinson’s Disease in the Long Run

According to Bradley Boeve, MD of Mayo Clinic in Rochester REM, sleep behaviour disorder may develop the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a neuro-degeneration disease. The symptoms of the disease are visible after many years. The study, based on 27 patients, has shown that after 25 years of its beginning, symptoms like multiple system atrophy and dementia with Lewy bodies are visible in the patients.

The journal Neurology has also published that in a few cases this time span even reached to 50 years. On an average, the age of people with sleeping disorder was 49, while they showed the symptoms of neurological disease at the age of 72.

A few of these patients had minor cognitive problems, while half of the patients even showed the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

All the studied people had some kind of synucleinopathy. Nearly 89% of all patients were men. These patients had very fast moving dreams, in which it was very apparent that the person was trying to save himself from an enemy or animal.

The report from the researchers has included the modern therapies for synucleinopathies, which are based on pharmacologic, cell-based, gene and mechanism.