Massachusetts Has Highest Uninsured People

The data compiled by the Census Bureau, unleashed recently, had claimed that Massachusetts possesses the lowest number of residents below the age of 65 who are not covered by a health insurance. The rate of uninsured people is estimated to be nearly 7.8%, the lowest in the nation.

Among the states claimed to witness the highest rates of uninsured were the ones in the South and West. Texas was discovered to grab the top position, standing at 26.8%, followed by New Mexico at 26.7%, Florida at 24.2% and Louisiana at 22.8%, uncovered the data from the bureau's 2007 Small Area Health Insurance Estimates report.

In addition, Hawaii is claimed to possess the second position in terms of lowest uninsured residents, fetching a 9.0% rate, after Minnesota at 9.6%, Wisconsin 9.7%. The states of Connecticut, Iowa, and Maine stood at 10.8% each.

Coming to the Washington region, the District was found to possess the lowest rate of uninsured of over 11.9%, among the three jurisdictions. While, the rate of uninsured for Maryland stood at 14.5%, and Virginia's at 15%.

The data compiled to estimate the uninsured rates is revealed to be based on the data fetched from both public and private insurance.