La Puente City Council Decides to Prohibit Marijuana Clinics

La Puente City Council on Tuesday finally voted that all the operations of medical marijuana services in the city should be abolished. The marijuana prohibition issue had caused long debates and discussions in the last few months.

At present, there are 39 marijuana dispensaries in La Puente and out of them, 10 will be abolished. Mayor David Argudo was though not in favour of this abolition. He said business owners will end loosing amount in millions due to ban on marijuana dispensaries.

According to this new rule, owners will have to shut their dispensaries down by February 2 latest. They can also lodge an application to extend this deadline.

Nearly 41,000 residents of the city demanded to close these dispensaries, as it could create a danger for their children’s future.

However, the business owners have said that they would take legal actions, if authorities forced them to go out of the city.

According to Gene Gordon, owner of Natural Choices Collective on Hacienda Boulevard, this business is legalized in the state of California, so shutting the clinics down is baseless in the city. He said that the council did not take public opinion for the issue and just voted for it.

La Puente's Chief of Police has said that this would lead to more crimes in the city, as dealing won’t stop.