Obama’s Healthcare Bill is Gaining Some Support, Finally

A tracking poll report, published on Thursday, revealed that the U.S. public support for the new healthcare bill, introduced by Obama’s administration, is increasing.

The people are finally putting their guards down, regarding the new healthcare programme. The percentage of the opposition for the bill has always been in a majority among the U.S. public. However, for the first time since the presentation of this bill in March, the opposition rate went down from 41% to 35%. The Kaiser Family Foundation had published a poll a month ago, reporting that 14% of the U.S. public has no opinion regarding whether to pass the bill or to reject it.

Republicans are still in the same resisting position regarding the new healthcare bill, whereas 73% of the Democratic majority, who passed the bill in the House and Senate, expressed their support for the bill.

Another survey was published showing that during the month of June, 45% of the U.S. seniors voted in favour of Obama’s health care bill. The majority of the seniors, who oppose the bill, reported some misperceptions regarding the bill, according to the National Council on Aging.

The main obstacle for Obama’s administration now would be assuring both parties, those who think this bill will not change the system and those who think the bill will indeed change the system, yet for the worst, this change would actually pay off. These people need guarantees that they are putting their trust in the right hands.