Fall in Visits by Americans to Doctor

Wayne DeVeydt, WellPoint Inc.'s Chief Financial Officer, has said that doctor visits by the insured Americans have reduced noticeably in the second quarter, as compared in the concurring period the last year. He said that patients are making less benefit out of their insurance.

He said that insured citizens seem to be using less healthcare options than they are expected to. Healthcare Companies have reported a drop in their financial results.

According to Paul Ginsburg from Center for Studying Health System Change, this decreasing demand may lead to less healthcare costs. These healthcare costs may also result in lower premiums and that is what the lawmaker always wanted.

Some analysts are of the view that this is perhaps the outcome of recession.

Now most of the people are planning to opt for high-deductible health services so that they have to pay the honest costs for their healthcare plans. In this year, approximately 18 million people in America have chosen high-deductible plans, while the number was far behind at 13 million in 2009.

People now don’t prefer to go for doctor visits, as it costs them more and sometimes makes them spend their savings also. Either they call up the doctor or go to some local clinic, which charge little less.

In another development, Atena Inc. has announced its revenue for the second quarter. The Company has earned $491 million valuing at $1.14 per share.